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I got a major problem!

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I have this friend named Skylah she is 9, we have been talking on facebook for a long time now, I was talking to her about me and Alex and I told her I felt like a whore, and she said these exact words "I've done it nine times it's not a big deal" so at first I was just thinking she was a kid that knew a little to much for her age and was to naive to know it wasn't a good thing.But then yesterday we were talking and I asked her if she was lying about it because I know sometimes kids make things up because I used to do it at her age, but she said "I really don't like talking about this, I haven't done it 9 times I was raped by my brother and his friends, I cut myself" It broke my heart to even think of a 9 year old going through something like that. All I wanna do is hug her and tell her it's okay, and try to convince her to tell. And she told me her parents didn't believe her when she tried to tell them, and then she made up some story about her mom calling and getting a restraining order but I know it wasn't true she just wanted to stop talking. I understand this has gotta be hard for her, but it's something she can't just keep to herself. How can I help her? Or convince her to tell the cops or something? I just feel awful that this little girl goes through this on a daily basis. I am 14 years old and I wish I would've waited, I regret losing my virginity,it was painful and scary and I wish I could get it back or rewind time, and she doesn't even get that choice. She can't even try to make it special, I loved Alex and it was still scary, I can't even imagine what it would be like.To be forced into something like that at a young age, and the way she acts like it's nothing lets you know it's happened a lot.What can I do? I don't wanna push her into telling the cops but I know hes gotta be doing it to other little girls to.

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You can call the police and/or child protective services on her behalf and they can investigate. In addition to that, you should tell her how important it is to be honest with the authorities. Tell her that what happened to her was not her fault, that what these boys did was wrong.

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