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I got my baby names picked, tell me what you think! :)

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For a boy,Braxton trevor. For a girl,olivia violet.

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I think both are nice. Olivia is my daughter's middle name. We really loved it but it's been in the top 10 most popular names for a while and we didn't want our daughter to be the fourt Olivia in her class. Check out the Social Security names database to see how popular a name is, if that's an important factor for you.
 long as your name isn't "hicks" (Braxton hicks....haha sorry lame I know :P) I like braxton, but as pp said Olivia is a pretty popular one, but that might be ok with you :) as long as you love it that is all that matters!
I really like the name olivia, I love braxton to so I really don't mind it being popular lol my last name is haldwen.
I really like Olivia, too. It's sweet, sophisticated and will work well as your daughter grows up.
My daughters name is Olivia and I love it. People always tell me that it is a pretty name. We had a hard time picking her name out and then we just went with what WE liked, not what other people liked. It's a important decision and good luck making it. 
I love both of them!!! My cousin's name is Olivia :)

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