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I had an abdominal and pelvic CT with IV and ennema contrast

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We were told over a year ago that I probably couldn't conceive! In the beginning of May I began to suffer with horrible rectal pain. After seeing my dr. repeatedly he sent me for Abdominal/ pelvic ct with contrast. Two weeks later at appointment for colonscopy I found out I was pregnant! Please if anyone knows for sure about this please leave info. I've searched online and panicked at some of postings!

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Call the hospital where you had your procedure done and ask to speak with the radiation safety officer or health physicist. Also notify the physician who ordered the test and/or your primary care physician if you haven't done that already. That early in a pregnancy, radiation's effects tend to be "all-or-none". That is to say, either nothing will happen and you & the baby will be fine or the pregnancy will end itself :(

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