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I had a long period, this isn't normal for me I'm scared

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So I'm on birth control pill , yet my bf nd I aren't too active since we never have time or his never in the mood ... Nd sadly I'm an active girl I'm young nd well sex is a stress relieve .... I have always had a normal period 3-4 tops with normal/heavy flow .... Yet last Monday 1/7/13 I began my period and it lasted 5days light nd today it's 1/17/13 nd I'm still spotting . It's never happened to me before ... I have discomfort like I feel wet lubricated nd pubic hairs make it itchy down there I made a doctors appointment but its till next Sunday ... Anyone that could give me some in pep talk ... I'm scared ladies at work are all telling me I'm pregnant but I'm scared to be :(

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I doubt you are pregnant. But, just to be safe, take a pregnancy test. it is normal to have occasional irregularities, even if you have a very regular cycle. There was one time when I was younger that I had two full periods in one month. nothing was wrong with me, and I wasn't pregnant. My hormones were off that month. All kinds of things, from stress to the foods you eat, can have an affect on your hormones.

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