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i had a miscarriage

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caitlyn was choking and t scared me so i noticed i was bleeding and went to the dr they said i lost the baby

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:( sorry. best thing to do is be gratefull for the one that's still with you.
yeah im trying to stay happy because the doctor said i couldve lost the other baby to
I'm so sorry you had to go through that. It's horrible. I had 4 before i had my baby son. It was the hardest thing i had to go through. It makes me appriciate the blessing i did have when i see his little face though. You are not alone.
Oh My Gosh, I am so sorry but as you can see you have all of our suport and keep strong and that baby will be lessedto have a good mommyyy like youuu :)
thanks everyone its really helpful to talk to people who have had a miscrriage that really understand what its like to lose a baby
That's really hard but you still have one that you need to take care off. It's common that alot of pregnacies begin with mutliples and become singleton. I am so sorry that you need to ge through this with trying to get care of the one you are still carrying. All the best to you. :)
I got married at 18 years we was trying to get pregnant nothing happend at 22 i got pregnant it was the best day of my life i found out on my 22nd birthday i was 15 week and on feb 10 i lost it it was very hard for me so in 3 months later i got pregnant again again at 16 weeks i lost it now in 25 years we are trying again nothing happend i went to the dr they just gave me some meds and nothing cuz they found out i have pcos i really want to have kidsn but it seen impossible. 
I don't think you sound like a b*tch. You can't see how emotional I am about it because your not around me. But I have acually been crying seince it happend when the doc first told me I droped to the floor and cried as hard as i could screaming ''why did you take my baby please save my baby''.
I lost a baby at 20 weeks and you don't just bleed it out. The baby would have been big enough for you to feel and see it. At 20 weeks my baby was 12 inches long. So for you to just bleed it out is, I think impossible. From someone that truly lost a baby, I don't think this is a matter to lie or joke about. 
You two sound pretty harsh. I don't think a mother would joke about this. You really shouldn't be so judgemental, she must be devastated.I'm very sorry for your loss oceana brooks. I'll pray for you and your family, take care and hang in there.


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