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I had my period two weeks ago, but I spotted 3 days ago for two days.

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Could I be pregnant? I'm really nervous. The guy I had sex with isn't the kind to stick around, and I'm only 19. I don't have insurance, I dropped out, and I don't have a job! I've had all of the main symptoms so I'm really worried...

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Stress can do weird things to your body, including messing with hormones. Before I started having kids I'd occasionally have irregularities with my cycle. If you had your period two weeks ago, you're probably just now ovulating. So, it's not likely that you're pregnant. But, since it's always a possibility, wait until your next expected period. If it doesn't come, take a pregnancy test. If it does come, be more responsible. Even with birth control, you can still get pregnant. (That's how I got my first baby.) If you're not ready for a baby, don't be messing around, especially with guys who also aren't ready to be parents.

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