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I had sex , then started my period the next day

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Does that mean that time didnt count? We have had sex several times since then , but I am just curious if his little swimmers survived that 1st time Any advice?

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Um...then I guess you're not pregnant. Try again.
You still could be pregnant. My bf an I had sex an the next day I started my period. Granted it wasn't a "normal" cylce though. It was messed up. I waited about a month in a half an took a test that came back positive. I wish you the best of luck!! :-)
Thanks...Im keeping my fingers crossed!: )
it's not really that simple, you need to find out when you ovulate, not every woman is the same. It takes time for implantation and everything to occur, no way you would know in a day :PGood luck!
I'm really not trying to sound rude, but why do I get the feeling you're like 17 years old?

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