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I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend 3 days before her periods.

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On 5 oct we had unprotected sex and she was expecting her periods on 8 oct. She had her periods on 8 oct as she expected. Bleeding was as usual and periods ends as usual as well. After 2 weeks she told me that her belly is fat and she has doubt of being pregnant. What are the chances of pregnancy?

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Just eat sensibly and it strtas right now. Get into eating for the baby no sugar lots of veggies and fruits and plenty of protein MAKE sure you take in Folic acid(VERY IMPORTANT) Go to a health food store and they usually have books for reference in the front of the store. Main thing is just because you are eating for two now it doesn't give you a license to pig out you will totally regret it later and I am serious My first baby was sickly and I gained 60 pounds and it took 2 years to get it off The next two I ate healthy foods like six small meals and had no sugar at all I had two healthy babies andI breast fed and lost the excess in a couple months
take your multivitamins and stool srefntos, or eat prunes. also, don't forget take folic acid pills too, whenever you remember, not everyday. eating for 2 sounds great. but don;t push it. it will come. it is important to gain weight gradually. don't starve yourself either. later on, you will wake up in the middle of the night even twice to eat. and if u crave it, go get it. drink plenty of H2O. forget sodas, juices, etc.enjoy this time, and simply LISTEN TO THE SILENCE around you. you will miss it.kisses,A European One
My doctor told me that you eat nolmlary, but to be sure you are eating healthy. The concept eating for two is really a myth. Eat when you are hungry, just like normal. Your body will tell you when it needs more for the baby. Just do not deny yourself food or the baby food when you have that feeling and make sure it is something that is good for you. (Of course, once in a while, treat yourself!) Those cravings will hit you in a few months. [url=]jwpcymoojyy[/url] [link=]xdjgocmo[/link]

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