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I HATE Him!!!!!>:0

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i don't know why but im really starting to hate my baby's dad!!! he's now starting to be less supportive he dosen't want to go to work and it's getting harder on me because my son needs diapers and wipes formula etc. and he doesn't work now i hate depending on his mom!! now he just sleep's we don't live together yet but ugh! it's pissing me off!!!! he dosen't answer me when i tell him i need him to come and help me and nope im lucky if he even answer's a my freaking call's and when he does call he just hangs up on me and so i get pissed off because of it and ugh it just irratate's me!! he's not being a freaking dad like he was his excuess is ''im tired'' and i go WHAT THE H****!!! I take care of our son ALLDAY AND NIGHT i go to school with my son now because no one want's to take care of my son:( i don't know what to do anymore i even try breaking up with him and tell him that when he's ready to be a dad and a good boyfriend than we can talk but other than that your just the father of our son! i love him so much and i've alway's been there for him when noone else was, he used to be a drug addict and i helped and stood by his side to help him and he stopped using drug's and that's when i got pregnant and now he's just so lazyy! sleep's all day try's and argue with my mom and me and he don't even take me to the baby's doc app his mom does any advice mommy's PLEASE!!!:'''''(

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*And also forgot to point that i tryed applying for a job but everywhere i look they wont hire me because that i don't go to school everyday from 8-2 so that i have to wait until im 18!! it's so hard and my weight keeps going up from all the stress and my hair is falling out i feel like im going bold!!!:(
Ok, I'll start with the easy part. It's normal for hair to fall out after having a baby. Sometimes during pregnancy the hormones stop your hair from falling out normally and then after the baby is born and hormones go back to normal all that hair falls out at once. Make sure you're taking vitamins every day and are eating enough.As far as your boyfriend goes, this sounds a lot like what my parents went through. My mom left my dad while I was still a baby and I didn't get to know him until I was 24. I'm sure your boyfriend is overwhelmed. Having a baby is difficult for anyone, but the changes can be even harder when you're young. It seems like he doesn't know how to deal with everything that's going on so he's just avoiding his responsibilities. Arguing with him only makes him avoid things more. He's the one who needs to make the decision to make some changes, no one else can get him to do it. So just give him some time. And in the meantime, there's nothing wrong with relying on the people who offer their help.
v-thanks and ok because every time i take a bath my hair falls our more and more each time! and as for my boyfriend yeah agruing aint the best descion i've made but it's just the heat in the moment! and yeah it's harder on me he love's but idk he's just changing alot lately i guess,.. as for relying on his mom she's been more than supportive of helping us! before i found out i was pregnant she was the one that took me to the doctor and paid because i needed blood drawn she buy's my baby what ever i need (well what the baby need's) and this weekend went very good he helped me out alot(: but let's see how it goes oh! just thought i'd let you know i'll be finishing school pretty soon!(: and plan on going to college to become a nurse(:
That's great, I hope thing continue to go well. I've heard nursing school can be hard, but it's definitely a great career! I know exactly what you're going through with your hair. Last night I took a shower and I brushed my hair thouroughly before I got in to get rid of all the loose hair. There wasn't much, so I was a little excited. Then, I got in. As soon as I started washing my hair tons kept falling out. I'm honestly surprised I still have hair left! But, it's pretty normal. It's just from hormonal changes and I think I'm having it this time because I'm breastfeeding (well, pumping), while my first two were on formula. So my hormones are still all over the place.
i know(: thank's i hope so to! all i need are my test result's and i'll be graduating  this may(:! and yeah i also heard but, ima do what ever i can to do what i have to do to give my son the life i never had you know(: and it's always been my dream so yeah(: & wow! haha i feel the same way but less and less comes out(: which is great lol(: and oh these harmomnes lol hows your little one(:? 

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