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I have a 16 month old son and he hits me all the time.

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If I take him away from a toy because we have to leave he pretty much flips out. I dont know how to deal with this. I try to put him in time out, but he just smiles. dose he understand?

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i can totally agree with you. i have an 18 months old baby boy. but since 11 months, he keeps hitting us, throwing a tantrum and bites all the time!when your baby throws a tantrum, try to understand him maybe he is just frustrated. kids his age become frustrated when they can't express themselves. when he wails, dont mind him because if you're always on his rescue everytime he cries you'll be raising a can also divert his mind by giving him a toy or some cookies to munch. babies like music. you can dance with him while playing some music. 
A 16 month old could understand, but it might just feel like a game. I would start by giving him a warning before you take the toys away, so hes a little more prepared to leave. When it's time to take the toy if he hits you I would calmy say "I know you are angry but, hitting is not nice, we use gentle touches." A lot of times the reaction they get out of doing naughty things is exciting for a child that little. So watch your reaction, but still let him know that hitting is not okay.
First, gives him a warning then if he doesn't listen put him in time out make sure you use a stern voice with him he has to know that your not joking.
try to stop him before he hits you. sometimes you are unable to, i know, my daughter did the same thing. tell him, "no hitting" in a very stern voice. when it continues, put him in time out. tell him why he's there. also, try taking his hand, and rubb it on your arm/back/etc., while saying, "be gentle to mommy. it hurts me when you hit" leave it as simple as possible, so he will get the message. too many words, and they tend to tune out. hope this helps.
spare the rod, spoil the child.  a 16 month old is not too young to be spatted on the diaper for something they are doing wrong.  they are smart and will learn quick.  you have to start discipline early.
I wrote a blog post about this. Too much to cut and paste, so here's the link, and hope it helps:
Dr. Sears addressed this issue in an article written on this website. Toddler Hitting
jlo36, you should never spank any child especially a baby!! That's horrible advice. In the link I posted, that's listed as a definite don't when dealilng with this. How does it make sense to say, don't hit me, but it's okay for me to hit you? I'm sure you'll have teenagers that decide they're done getting beat on by mom and they should give her a taste of her own medicine. 
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