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i have a 2-3 yr who wants to sleep in my bed, we share a room, help?

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i am a young mom who still lives with her parents, my daughter is going to be 3 soon but im having issues with her wanting to sleep in my bed. I share my bedroom with her, and every night she falls asleep in my bed, then i move her to hers. well she will sleep there until about midnight then she wakes up crying and i dont know how to break it. when she wakes up crying and i try the "cry it out" method but it doesnt work, she starts throwing a tantrum and gets so worked up she about vomits. im so tired from the sleepless nights attempting to break her of it. and i dont know what to do. please help

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It sounds like she knows that even though you say no at first your going to end up giving into her sleeping with you !!My 2 year has always slept alone.. in the same room as us, but in her own bed and often she crys and throws her self in the floor because she wants to sleep with us !! But me and my husband have decided that if we give in once shes going to think were going to let her sleep with us all the time... Kids are smart and sometimes know how to manipulate you !! i know its sounds crazy put its true...!! If you say NO teach her NO means NO ...!! it might take you several times getting up and putting her back into her own bed, and she will cry and throw fits at the end shell understand if mommy said NO than it means NO !!
I had this issue with my first son because we shared a room until he was four. I had never put him to sleep in my bed to begin with, it only happened a few times after he was sick once and I let him sleep with me. Since you are sharing a room the cry it out method is harder when you stay in the room. Take your pillow and a blanket and head to the couch or spare room if ya have one. If she actually throws a tantrum til she pukes then well, when has puking ever killed anyone? It will be a mess to clean up later, but you do what ya gotta do to prove your point.
Tell her she has to stay in her bed or mommy will have to sleep in a different room. Make sure you tell her you love her and that she needs to start being a "big girl". Don't give in. Giving in makes it harder for you plus you have to start over.
Years ago when  I  also was  having to do this I found  getting them a body pillow  with one of  shirts  on it helped I know it sounds strange but  many times it is scent and  just security , It helped . I even had to at one point  sleep on couch until  child got used to idea that  Mom sleeps  alone . no matter  how old they get  children  spent 9 months as part of us , So they  just feel safer  still being near us. Until of course  the  wonderful teen years hit and they cannot get far enough away  LOL Good luck !
i have shared a room with my daughter since she was born, she's now 5yrs old. when she wakes up in the middle of the night, maybe take her to the potty if she's trained, get her a drink of water, make sure she has a stuffed animal or doll or whatever, then put her back in her bed. keep a night light on, point out to her that she can see you across the room. when you put her to bed, follow a routine that she can count on, & try to help her understand that mommy nbeeds her sleep too, & if mommy doesn't get the sleep she needs, she won't be able to take as good care of baby, won't be able to play as much. she will just have to cry it out. hopefully your parents understand. some of the family i've lived with didn't have much patience for crying, & that makes it alot harder. good luck!
sounds like a rough time & i've been there before- sharing a room with my son when he was 3, which of course turned into sharing a bed. i'd wait for him to fall asleep then move him to his only for him to wake up & throw a fit to be back in my bed.there really is no answer that's guaranteed to work but some of the things i did to get him back to his own bed was.. took out nap time-only on some days ;) i made sure he always had a full belly & a bath. i read to him & sung to him, even made up stories with him then i would leave him with a book to 'read' on his own & i'd leave our room for 10-20 mins & he would fall asleep. it took a lot of patience & a couple weeks before it got easier to get him to sleep in his bed.good luck sweetie!
If you want her to sleep in her own bed tou need to start having her sleep there from the start. She may not want to, but she has to. If she falls asleep in your bed that's where she will expect to wake up. Waking up in her own bed is disorienting and scary. After a good bedtime routine of bath time, brushing teeth and getting dressed have her get in her bed. Get her all tucked in, read her a book and if you have to, sit by her bed until she falls asleep. If she continues to waks up crying in the middle of the night go to her bed, hug her and comfort her but don't let her get out of bed. Losing sleep is difficult for both of you but you have to be consistent if you want to break this cycle.

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