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i have 2 years old twins.. how should i discipline them

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My twins boy (Kyler) and girl (Elizabeth) and a 2 month old (kylan) kyler does not do this but Elizabeth does all the time she will screech at the top of her lungs for no aparant reason. she will run through the house and will not stop. she wakes the baby up constantly. i have tried everything, i have spanked them.. not hard cuz i dont want to hurt them just want to show that she cannot to that, i have put my finger to her mouth and said shhhh i have out her in her bed for time out... i need help. i just want 5 minutes of quiet time. how do i discipline them without hurting them.. :(

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My kids, Audrey (3yrs) and Harrison (18mos) will sometimes run around yelling and screaming. I've been setting boundaries and disciplining them since they were each about 6 months old, so they're usually pretty agood about listening to me. I tell them to stop, that they're being too loud, and they usually stop. If they don't they get sent to their rooms which they don't like, even though their rooms are full of toys.For kids this age time outs are usually best. (I also get down on their level, loko them in the eye and tell them to stop. Getting in their face a little shows them that I'm actually serious.) They don't really understand what taking away a privilege means. Spanking of any kind isn't good, it just encourages them to hit, especially when they don't like what is going on. I don't give my kids an "or else" option, I just tell them to stop. Sometimes it takes a few tries on my part, but they usually get it and stop as long as I'm consistent.
I usually make my kids bryer and kailey   go to their rooms if they won't stop, but most of the time they listen   I don't like spanking them because sometimes that makes them think its good to hit. Just tell them to stop,  say somthing like   ''this is your warning if you don't stop their will be consequenses''    If they don't stop then either sit them in the cornor or send them to their room. Be consistent and it will work.

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