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i have 3yr old acting out & throwing tantrums

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I recently took him out of daycare to spend time with him since my work schedule has changed, and he has been crying all the time over evry little thing. He has also been throwing tantrum when he doesn't get his way. My husband says it's because I baby him to much, everything I have tried doesn't work any suggestions would be great.

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My daughter is almost three and she throws teenager style tantrums complete with screaming and slamming doors. I just ignore them and she comes out when she's done. For the most part, my kids don't throw tantrums because they learned early on that they don't get any results. I let them cry and yell in their bedroom until they calm down and then they come out. They don't get their way and they don't get attention from me during the tantrums.At this age, tantrums are pretty normal, especially when there are big changes like going to or coming out of day care. Any time there is a big change or a new stress kids will act out.One way I avoid tantrums with my kids is to let them make as many decisions as possible. Having some control in their lives makes them more likely to follow your rules. I let me kids choose between two outfits in the morning, two different snacks, milk or juice, etc. Any small decisions they can make will have a big impact on their behavior.
Little ones love routine, so taking your son out of daycare broke up his normal routine. It's normal that he'd be throwing tantrums. Be consistent with your discipline, offer him opportunities to make his own decisions (for clothes, snacks, etc.), and just be patient.

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