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I have a 5 year old and a 1 year old and can't lose the weight. Help!

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So, five years ago when I had my son I vowed to get to the weight I was before I started down the baby path five years earlier. (Yep - it took me and my husband 5 years to have 1 child.) I wasn't very good at first. Then in late 2008 I did try and I got down 50 lbs. Then SURPRISE in Nov 2009 I find out I am pregnant again. I had Michael in July 2010, but I am still about 250 lbs a good bit of that is from the babies. Now I am trying to find a way to get it all off. I have a plan...I think...but I want to know if there is a person or group out there that would like to sort of join forces and encourage each other. I think I have found the plan, the will, and just need some sisters in crime who would like to work together. Share pictures and keep each other motivated.

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it's called diet and excersise. and when i say diet, i don't mean change the foods you eat until you loose the weight you want. this needs to be a lifestyle change for you. 100%  whole grain bread and pasta, not white. fresh produce, not canned fruit packed in heavy or even light syrup. lean protein to build muscle such as turkey, chicken, soy, tofu, fish. you will be surprised at how much you save on groceries, when you start buying this instead of junk. when you start your workout regimine, you don't have to do it every day. every other day is fine. instead of wasting money on a gym membership, get yourself a workout video, such as weight loss pilates. you can buy box kits at walmart for $13. it includes a dvd, 2 resistance bands, 1 65cm medicine ball, and two 2lb weight balls. that's a great start for a pretty cheap price. you could add another video for around $11. hope this helps.
Not that you asked for advice, but I'm going to disagree with Pink.  I think a membership to some kind of group is an excellent motivator when it comes to starting an exercise plan.  I know I have trouble getting motivated when it's just me working out - I really have to have someone else bugging me, or at least the incentive that "HELLO, I PAID FOR THIS, MUST NOT WASTE IT."  If you're that kind of person, then HECK YEAH get a membership. But frankly, I wouldn't look for it on the internet.  You need the motivation in person.  Talk to the other moms you know - even the skinny ones, because trust me, they'd probably like to work out too.  I'll bet you'll find someone who's willing to go on weekly/daily walks with you, if not more (and really, to lose weight, you need more.) It doesn't have to be to a gym, either.  There are a lot of programs specifically for moms with babies or toddlers - I went to Mommy Boot Camp for a while when my son was very small.  ($150 for 25 sessions - you can't beat that with a stick.)  There are also programs like Stroller Strides that get you working out at the mall before it opens.  All are much less expensive than a gym, and provide a REALLY great workout, in a environment where you can take your child with you while you work out - and that's worth its weight in gold!  Lastly: you don't say how tall you are, so it's hard to tell how overweight you are, but you may want to check in with your doctor before starting anything really strenuous.  Don't go full-steam ahead, because you can cause some really serious injuries (particularly to your knees) that would pretty much end your exercise career.  By all means - exercise, but be smart about it!Good luck! 
i agree with the first response, you have to change your lifestyle, the way you eat and the relationship you have with food. when i was pregnant everyone said, "eat whatever you want, you are eating for two" my reply was always the same "yes, eat for two and lose weight for one, no thank you!" i gained 30lbs during my pregnancy and gained 15 from all the IV fluids, it was bad! i looked like a balloon. I lost 30 lbs the 1st month and now, ds is 10months old and i weight less than i did when i got pregnant, i have lost a total of 60lbs. but i had to change my calorie intake. weight loss is simple, but people do not believe in simplicity. Calories in Vs calories out.
i gained 60 lbs during pregnancy, with my daughter. i looked like i was carrying twins, as was proded with question every time i left the house! after i had her, the weight fell off, and i was back to my normal size 4, and 115 lbs.  i don't have much movitvation to work out alone, so that's why i bought a video. not only will it show you proper form, and breathing techniques, but it's a bit more motivating and fun, than lying on the floor doing situps, and lifting weights. that's the only way that i can stick to mine. when my daughter takes her nap, i pop in the video, and do my 30 minute routine. simple as that. i have never had a weight problem, thankfully, but that's mostly due to genetics. my mom is 42, and still wears a 2. no, she's not anorexic, and neither am i! it's called eating healthy, and sticking to your routine. hell, even if i ate whatever i wanted, and never worked out, i still wouldn't gain weight. seriously, i have proven this fact. good luck with your weight loss.
Chase the kids around the house more. Burn those calories by having fun. Go to the park more with them and get involved with their games. It will help bond your family. Maybe even take a nightly stroll with your man.
I've had the same issues.  I have an almost 6 year old and almost 1 year old and I'm really struggling to get the weight off.  I haven't made a great effort though either.  We all know it's down to diet and exercise and not just a "diet" like some gimmic but making better choices all the's more about motivation to do it and stick with it.My family just decided we'd join the Y.  With my husband having lost his job last summer, money's tight on the little part time job he's got now but we qualified for a discount.  There's SO much to do at the Y and the group classes are included in the membership you only pay for other extra programs that you might want to do or have the kids do and you get half off the normal community price. If you'd like an online buddy, I love having motivation of sharing progress and hurdles or whatever along the way.  Email me at and we can chat more!
I am four months postpartum. I gained 45lbs and have lost 30lbs so far. I joined Weight Watchers because I did it before I got pregnant and it helped me a lot. I've never been big but I had about 20lbs to lose, and I did lose it and kept it off until baby happened! I like Weight Watchers because it is a structured program. It is not a diet to me anymore, it really changed how I look at food and what I decide to put in my body. I work full time so I walk on my lunch breaks and eat a quick lunch like a salad, soup and/or some fruit after I exercise. Also, I use my daughter to get a little exercise, too. I lay on the floor and I lift her up and do "super baby". It works my arms and she loves it.  You really have to commit to a healthy lifestyle, but after you do you will feel great! Good luck!!

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