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I have a 9mth old and she won't sleep in her crib. HELP!

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She won't sleep in her crib, she wants to sleep in the bed with me and her daddy, she wants us to hold her and when she finally crashes out, we try to sneak her into her crib but when we try to lay her down she starts screaming and crying, and she is still waking up to eat as well. But she only takes 2 little 15 min naps. Please help my husband and i are not getting any sleep!!!

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has she been like this for a long time or is this something new?  if it is something she just started doing maybe she is teething and needs that extra comfort.  i cuddle my little guy who is 6 months to sleep at night and sometimes when i try to lay him down he wakes up an does the screaming and crying.  i try rocking him back to sleep in my arms but if he doesn't calm down after a while i put him in his crib to cry.  i check in again in 5 min if still crying (only for a min) then leave again and wait another 5 min if still crying. i do this until he cries himself to sleep.  usually only takes 15 min at longest but he's used to this routine. hope this helps. good luck!
My son had the same problem at about the same age. What I did was put up a gate in his doorway so he couldnt escape. I then put a twin mattress on the floor and he slept much better on that. We tried to transition to a toddler bed but that didnt work so we went to a twin bed with a bed rail at about 19-20 months. He has been sleeping that way for about 4-5 months now. Hope this helps. Also sometimes if he wakes up in the middle of the night I will go lay with him till he falls back to sleep and then go back to my bed.As far as the eating my son was waking up to nurse in the middle of the nightt until he was a year and a hlf and then I started to leave a sippy cup next to him and that worked. I know your little might be a little young for that.

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