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i have a baby everytime i feed him he has a watery poop everytime

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that's called diarrhea. you need to call the ped, and start giving pedialyte so your baby does not become dehyrated.
How old is your baby, and are you breast or formula feeding?
if u are breatsffeding its normal, as long as it is mustard-colored. if it starts turning greenish see a doctor.
watery poop even in breastfed babies is not normal...i know from experience my daughter had something similar going on and the doctor couldn't understand what i meant so i showed her the diaper and she agreed that it was diareah and told me to monitor what i eat which i did and i discovered that my baby couldn't tolerate my milk when i drank milk so i gave it up and had to take a calcium supplement for a while (so my hair wouldn't fall out) thing to do is talk to your babies doctor about it
green poop is nothing to worry about, mommy77. the only time you need to worry about poop color is when it's tarry black, or white.
You do need to montior the poop. If it's everytime with food there's a chance that an allergy or sensitivity to a food you are eating if you're breastfeeding or the formula if bottle feeding. Best thing is to bring this up with your doctor. Depends on how long it's been going on for and if there was a change in the diet.

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