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I have been on the implanon since 2009 and took it out April 2015 well

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Because it was over due on me having it in my arm. My last period was April 22nd of 2015 through April 28th and not yet have received my period. Could there be any chance I could be pregnant or is it that my period is just late? I also have had super light pinkish spotting when i was suppose to get my period during May. I am spotting again lightly, and have had a minor cramp right now would that be a no to pregnancy? Is it because ive been on the implanon for so long perhaps I cant get pregnant? Some guidance will do. Thank you :)

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It's possible for you to be pregnant , but keep in mind birth control does screw with your hormones and cycles , it could take a while for it to be normal again. I'd wait a couple weeks or so and take a test if no menstrual cycle had came yet . Good luck

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