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I have been weaning my daughter, I have been pumping.Shes doing well..

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Other then her not wanting food. Now that I have started just pumping and feeding her with a bottle she doesen't eat baby food.

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Give her a few days to adjust. She was sick, which is always difficult for little ones and she's going through the transition from breastfeeding to bottles. She's still young enough that sbaby food isn't a necessity for her nutrition, so don't worry. Keep offering it, but just be patient. She should start eating it soon.
Thank you..
Weaning when she is sick is tough. It is a lot for her immune system to handle. There is stress from the weaning. You could just cut back the nursing and not go cold turkey because that is really tough on any baby.  Maybe nurse in the morning when she first wakes up then offer her some food.She may also be sick of baby food. My daughter stopped liking baby food at like 8 months and she loved what ever we were having. I just would cook the veggies a little longer so they were really soft and basically just fell apart. You can do the same with noodles. Make sure they are in small pieces. Kids like to be independent and being fed is not fun to them. Also they get excited to see that they are eating the same thing as mom and dad.

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