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i have a friend...

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heyy mommyy's(:! well just a question i have for a friend she dosen't know im asking this but i am very concernd! ok well she's like myy best friend can tell her anything and help's me alot when i need it! well anyways she has a boyfriend they've been together for about 4 year's now and about to or almost too month's ago before he left for training because he's in the army they had unprotected sex! and he ejculated in her! she waited for her period don't think she got it? i told her wait for your next menstrual cycle and if you don't get it than then you should take a pregnancie test! well she started thinking that she could and it could be a BIG POSSIBILITY!! so i told her go to the doctor's you can go confidentual they wont tell your parent's but if you are than you have to! so she had told me she was but never went!!! so than just today she again told me that they had unprotected sex again!!! she's taken mulitple pregnancie test and all come back positive and only one negative she say's!! i told her your definitly prego! but she still has her doubt's about it because she's only 17 he's 20 she told her mom it could be possible that she might be but any advice.? what could she do anything from mommy to mommy's idk what to do anymore and also she's REALLLY REALLY REALLY SKINNY!! and now she's gotten a little little gut..???

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If she got positive results from pregnancy tests, she's pregnant and she needs to start getting prenatal care.
i know v that's what i've been telling her but she just don't listen she just say's i'll go to the doctor friday and when monday come's around since im in school again i ask her and she say's no, we did something else and im like mmmmmm!!! but i think she is she's constenly throwing up at school can't hold anything down! i've even told her i will take you to the doc and nope!
She's probably in denial. I'm sure she's scared and just doesn't know what to do. But, ignoring it isn't going to make it go away. Keep trying to convince her to see her doctor.
i know & yeah she should & is because the way her mom and family are towards her is wrong! im alway's trying to tell her i will take you my self! but this friday forsure she's going!!

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