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i have gestational diabetes and I.U.G.R.???

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im realy confused about this becase i looked up the symtoms of gestational diabetes and i only had one of the many symtoms but the doctors say i have it how is that posible when befor and during my prenancy im not haveing high bloodsugar im having low bloodsugar??? the doctors are telling me that i cant eat foods with sugar anymor but when i get lightt headed, dizzy, shaky, and feel like im going to puke sugar is the only thing that helps me feel better.then i looked up the symtoms of IUGR because the doctor also said the baby had it but the only symtom i had is the gestational diabebtes...... im so confused and need answers but my doctor wont give me any can someone help me please???

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Any pregnant woman can get gestational diabetes regardless of her overall health, weight, or familiy medical history. Gestational diabetes is a form of insulin resistance that it caused by a hormone produced by the placenta. All women have some degree of insulin resistance because of this hormone but only some women have a high enough level of this hormone to actually interfere with insulin regulation.In most cases, gestational diabetes is non-threatening to the mother and baby as long as the mother's blood sugar levels are well controlled, either with a healthy  diet or with the use of insulin. Also, in most cases having gestational diabetes in no way impacts your chances of developing type 2 diabetes.Your doctor should have given you a referral to a nutritionist and you should also be getting a glucose monitor so that you can check your blood sugar levels. If your doctor hasn't talked to you about either of those, you need to call the doctor's office to get that information as soon as possible. You may not have to avoid sugar and carbs completely, but the only way to know whether or not your blood sugar is under control is to check it four times a day (a fasting level before breakfast and then 1 hour after each meal). I had gestational diabetes while I was pregnant with my son. My doctor told me to avoid all sugar and carbs until I received my glucose monitor, which took about four days. I was grumpy, had no energy and would get shaky and lightheaded. My nutritionist actually told me to avoid all sugar, to use artificial sweetener and to avoid most fruit and vegetables because of their sugar content. All of this was TERRIBLE advice! I didn't follow any of it. Once I got my glucose monitor I ate normally, but cut out snacks because of the 1 hour wait time after meals. That was all I needed to control my blood sugar. My body just needed the extra time to process the sugars from my food. Eating snacks meant there was a constant stream of sugar coming into my body (from fruits, vegetables, breads, etc.) and it wasn't getting processed. So hang in there until you can get a glucose monitor. Your insurance should cover it since it's the only way for you to manage this condition. And if you have any questions about diet feel free to ask. I had to find out all of my information through my own research, so I know a lot about the condition and how to manage it in a safe and healthy way.As far as the IUGR is concerned, talk to you doctor and demand answers. Ask for a referral to a specialist if necessary.

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