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I have had dreams that are sooo bad I cry about them, is it normal?

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I have been having dreams about caitlyn getting lost or my husband getting murdered,I wake up crying.The other night I had a dream that somebody broke into our home and got caitlyn then they killed my hubby.I woke up crying and then got caitlyn and to say the least I was sitting in samuels lap. I don't know how to quit having these dreams..

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You can't control your dreams, but sometimes you can figure out what's causing them. You have to understand that you have been under a lot of stress the past few months, things like weird dreams and nightmares are completely normal. Reduce the stress and drama in your life, work on your relationship with your husband and focus on being a stay at home mom. Once everything has calmed down the dreams should stop.
I hope so, me and him have been working things out. I have been busy with caitlyn and  we are stressed so its probably because I am scared about him dying or not having caitlyn.

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