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I have a little girl and am expecting a boy, shower or no shower??

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I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and am expecting a little boy this fall. Should I have a baby shower for him? I have a gender neutral carseat but that is it, no crib, no bouncer and obviously no clothes. I still would like to atleast have a party to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the little fella, but I'm not sure if I should make it a "no-gift" event. What do you think??

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go ahead with the shower. you will end up with the useful things you need. if your too tired to register for a shower, then just give your guests a small list of needed things. such as diapers, clothing, etc.
I agree have the shower. I didn't have one with my second daughter because we were so busy with work, school and taking care of a 2 year old, and I really regret it now. You can register online at most stores these days (babies r us and target for sure) and make the party low key.
Have the shower but have someone else throw it for you.
You should have a shower for sure! There is nothing wrong with having a shower for each of the children you have. They each deserve to get the celebration and you deserve the fun, exciting day and all the the gifts are helpful and fun!!! I say go for it and enjoy!!!

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