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I have no morning sickness at all is that bad?

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I'm going into my 7th week, and am not nausea at all. The only thing that makes me kind of sick is the smell of hair chemicals. (Im a massage therapist at a salon * Note im rarely near any chemicals for a prolonged period of time) Ive heard that not having any morning sickness is bad and your likely going to have a miscarriage or something wrong with the baby... Anyone else have this?

answers (4)

No not at all,  i never was sick while i was pregnant! All women are different as our their symptoms!
Every pregnancy is different and displays a range of symptoms and 7 weeks is very early. You may have morning sickness in upcoming weeks.I had morning sickness with one of my pregnancies and none with the other. And both of my children are perfectly healthy. Morning sickness is not related to the health of the pregnancy or the child.Hope this helps. Enjoy your pregnancy.
I didn't have any symptoms of being pregnant till 10 weeks. Hints why I didn't know till 9 weeks. I am now 26 weeks and 4 days. Don't worry so much. Unless you are spotting or having cramps. Be thankful you feel fine because you will probably feel very sick in the next couple weeks.
I dind't have any morning sickness and I am now 6 months.  I only had nausea when I was hungry but never vomitted. This is perfectly normal.  Every pregnancy is different.  Best wishes!

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