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I have no patience with my 5 year old. I feel like im mean. Help!!

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I feel like I am always the mother that yells, and I can never just be happy. I feel very uptight about a lot of things. I am pregnant, but that shouldn't be an excuse, right? What can I do to help myself relax so my daughter doesn't end up hating me!

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I have patience has been tested over and over and over... I have learned that if it isnt  a safety issue  and  it isnt going to damage anything in the house...go with it! can be cleaned up!!..have FUN!!  I am a obsessive cleaner kids HATED me!! I yelled allllll the time til one day they said to me .."why cant we just be kids for 1 day?"..broke my heart!  it took time but I have relaxed a will you!  see things from her perspective.get on her level
just try to not worry if something gets broke you can rebuy it or if something is spilled clean it up no big deal just go with the flo
I am going through the same thing right now only I have a four year old son. I have just been trying to pick my battles with him and taking it easy. It is hard.
I get that way with my almost 6 year old son. I have recently realized that I need to just let him do what it is that he is going to do. They are only kids once. I have found that if something he is doing is making me frustrated I make up a fun activity for him and I do to together instead of what he is doing to make me upset. One of his favorite ones is to have kitchen dance parties. We get out pots, pans, bowls, spoons, anything we can....turn up the radio and just dance around and sing. I know it may sound kind of cheesy and I felt weird doing this at first because I am pretty sure my neighbors can see us, but to see the smile on his face is worth all the neighbors hearing me try to sing and danceing like a crazy person. Just try to remember that they are only little once and anything you can do now to just hang out with them will make great happy memories for both of you instead of like you said having her resent you later on and not have happy times. Good luck with everything. Congrats on the new baby too.
just try taking a few minutes away just to calm down
Tickle her. She won't expect it and it should perk both of you up for a while. It will give you a much needed short break and maybe you will forget why you were upset.
I know what you are talking about. I once purchased a few gorgeous boys tuxedos from for a special dinner event. They got crazy and started playing in the grass and ruined them. I was so livid, but luckily my husband was there to calm me down using the breathe technique. Anyone who is suffering from this condition should highly research the breathing technique.
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