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i have post partum plus im bipolar and am working on my issues and am

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feeling really like a bad mom cause ive had to leave my daughter with my bfs parents till im better i havent had erges to harm her or myself i love her to death and havent had the bonding issue where i ahvent wanted to but i i have had the deep depressions rages anger and some paranoia which i know can be bad so since she was born ive bonded wit her the first few months staying off and on at his parents now im running bk n forth 45 miles apart to see her as often as i can which isnt much due to gas n my income disability so i feel really terrible like ive abbandoned her and shell hate me shes 7 months now i try to see her once a week if possible if not more now her daddys away in jail for a lil while and im so depressed and lonley he was my support i feel just terrible like idk yes im on meds and see a doc my sleep is crazy also i just wish it would go away but i know it takes time it seems to come n go at times well could i just have some of u nice ladies oppinions please i hate to be a bad parent i just want my baby to be safe is all im just scared thnks for anyones input

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postpartum is normal and im sure its extra hard with that ad being bipolar..ur doing the right thing by leaving the baby w/her grandparents. ur taking the right steps w.taking ur meds..have u been talking to a councelor or a group? im sure that will help also having someone to talk to. dont feel like a bad mom at all! ur taking all the right steps. im sure u miss ur baby and wish  could see her more bt continue to get help and when u feel more stable in ur stuation u will have her again and put this all behind you. but leave the baby with her grandparents until u feel completely confident that u r ok. babys can aggravating so u want to make sure ur anger is in check..good luck with everything! hope all goes well 
postpartum "baby blues" is normal, but what you are describing sounds a little more serious.  it is great that you have a stong support system to help you care for the baby but make sure to keep getting professional help.  you are not a terrible mom because you care and you have to take care of your health in order to safely care for your daughter.  as far as bonding, i know of people who adopted children of all different ages that bonded with them wonderfully, so it does not hurt your connection if you are away from her for periods of time while you heal and get the help you need!  i'm sorry to hear of your situation, but you are doing the right thing and the best thing for you and your child, so that is a good mom in my opinion (and i'm sure of most other mom's opinions!).  good luck, get well and stay strong
You're not alone. My foster son was put into care by his mom for the same reason. In her case she knows she's not able to care for him, so she signed over her rights. We're trying to adopt him, but there have been a few bumps in the road. We see her once a month, but we're in contact via e-mial and txt almost daily. We even call each other from time to time. I'm proud of you for realizing that for now, she needs to be with her grandparents. You're doing all the right things. It's important to get everything under control before you bring her home. You're in no way a bad mommy. It takes so much love and courage to say "I can't do this right now". Keep fighting and know that you will always be her mommy. It's never to late to bond, my children are evidence of that.Best of luck to you and your family!
thank you all so much ladies for your answers and support it made me cry a little but yes i do realize u are right that im doing the best thing for her right now and i want it that way till i feel almost bak to myself again i appreciate ur help and input and yes im in counseling thnks for asking it does help alot to go there ive been for my bipolar for years so figured it wouldnt hurt to stay in counseling for both bipolar and postpartum and id like to say to dreams i hope u the best with the ladies baby thats having my issues and im glad ppl like u understand women like us to take in a child and help them and the mother and yes thats very nice the mom still has contact so bless u ur very much appreciated and ladies im fighting with all i can to get over what i call this demon postpartum its a terrible burden on women really i feel for any women who gets it now knowing what i know thnks all
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