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I have a pregnancy phobia and I'm terrified I'm pregnant :(

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I'm 18, had my first boyfriend for about 11 months. I'm a virgin and love that I am so I practice abstinence. I'm extremely terrified of pregnancy and so scared I have to wear 3 layers of underwear and cannot cuddle my boyfriend!:( yesterday we were talking on his bed and started to make out. He knows I'm scared so he put his body flat down on his mattress so his lower half doesn't touch mine. My body was layed sideways not really even touching his body. He was wearing jeans and boxers, I was wearing underwear 2 small panty liners anther pair of underwear and some stretchy shorts. I could tell he was overly horny and excited. I never felt anything wet on me but I know he was wet. I'm just terrified somehow his precum got through his pants and maybe my underwear wasn't on correctly or something !? I'm terrified I'm pregnant. I started my period this morning but I keep researching that u can get pregnant he day before ur period starts.....I just need someone to let help me out because my mind is contained by this phobia :/ help!!!

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