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I have a rash on my hands

3 answers
i have developed a rash on my hands and along with it my hand is dries up and cracking skin and little bumps on my hand its not over my whole hand just on my pinky and the side of my palm a little bit of puss comes out.. need answers please...

answers (3)

ok this may be weird and gross but after working in countless daycares the cleaning made my hand develop a nasty rash on the side of my palm and pinky and well a good friend told me to use vagisil and well it worked! before bed apply it to the rash. do not rub in all the way then place a rubber or latex glove on your hand and go to bed the next day wash your hand and lotion after the 2nd day your rash should be gone!
I think you should talk to your dr about it. I know there are some rashes you can develope during pregnancy that can be serious if not treated. I wouldn't take the risk of not finding out.
thanks girls for the help i appreciate it and my Dr told me to use the benedryl spray but ive been putting caladryl

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