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i have really bad rib and back pain!!! help!

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I'm 32 weeks pregnant and for the past 2 months i've had EXCRUCIATING back pain... and now i've developed EXCRUCIATING rib pain as well. I'M MISERABLE!!!! i can't stand up, sit down, bend over or move in general without gasping for breath because of the pain. I can't even bend over the sink to spit out toothpaste when i brush my teeth without being in extreme pain. I've even had to go on short-term disability at work because i just can't function anymore. I've told the doctor about it and his only response is, "Yeah, that's just part of being pregnant. Get used to it." which i think is absolutely ridiculous. It seems that no one has ANY sympathy for me at all.. everyone just tells me to 'get over it' or 'get used to it'. This is my first baby and everyone tells me the first one is always the worst.. and that it's because i'm such a petite person. I'm about fed up. Honestly, there must be SOME type of relief for this pain!!!! just would like to know how some of you dealt with back/rib pain. THANKS!!!

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not sure if it will help you since your pain seems to be much worse then I had with either of my pregnancies ubt going to the chiropractor seemed to help with my back and hip pain alot during my pregnancy.. my hips would go out alot when I was twords the end of the pregnancy and the chiropractor helped tremendously.. I hope that this helps some hun and just focus on the end prize as much as possible =)
I do agree that those responses are quite ridiculous and I sympathise with you completely. I have a lot of back pain on a normal day so being pregnant made it worse. I haven't found anything that really helps though unfortunately. I haven't gone to a chiropractor because I can't afford it but if you can then I'm sure it would help atleast some. I did have some rib pain for a while with this pregnancy but I don't think it was anywhere near as bad as yours seems to be. It did go away though after a month or so. Maybe the baby stays up in your ribs and at your back and thats why its worse for you? Do you know what position your baby is in? You only have 8 weeks until your due date and even though that seems awful because its still 2 months it could still get better. I would try a heating pad on low but only for about 20 minutes at a time. Warm baths might help too and tylenol is all you can take for pain unless your dr gives you something stronger. I hope this helps and I hope you get some relief soon sweetie! Good luck :)
Physio is the best (if you can afford it). I had nasty back pains through my first pregnancy, to the point of almost being hospitalized because I couldn't feel my legs. This pregnancy hasn't been AS bad, but I think I'm just more prepared for it now! I went to physio 1-2 times a week, and invested in a really good maternity support belt (not the $20 walmart junk... a good one from a medical supply shop). You may not want to buy the belt now, unless you are planning on having more kids, but there is still time for physio for sure! It won't make evertything perfect, but it will make it livable!
im not as far along as you, but im in the same boat... my ob gave me something stronger... i haven't used it yet, but ive sure wanted to. she suggested putting a tennis ball in a sock and using it to massage your back... also recommended baths and pool time, if you have the ability to use one.this is my first, and it's been terrible... between severe morning sickness, dehydration, and this back/rib pain, im not sure how people can do this time and time again. lolgood luck... just think... it's no longer 280 days... it may be 60 or less for you!!! you can do it!!!!

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