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i have severe back pain, leaking clear disharge,weird feelings in vg?

2 answers
Iam around 36 weeks everytime i feel a kick now its really low feeling the baby has slowed done. Thru out the whole day I have clear discharge, i have severe back pain, and i have been experencing weird elecertric shock like feelings in my uterus lately is this normal?

answers (2)

Yes, yes it is. As baby drops you get a wide range of new, unpleasant pains. If the pains are really low (more like in your vagina than in your uterus), that would be the feeling of your cervix dialating (I never knew you could feel this, but I certainly am with this baby). As baby drops it is also stretching out new areas too, which hurts. The only thing I would be concerned about is the discharge. If it is like egg whites, it's very normal, even in large, nasty quantities. If it is like water, that normally isn't good as it could be your amniotic fluid leaking. You're normal discharge goes way up near the end though, so don't panic.  One thing that can help with the back pain is by sitting on the edge of your seat, leaning forward. Since baby is squiched right against your lower back, this will take some of the pressure off. I take the cushion off my chair and put it on my ottoman, then lean onto that. I look pretty silly, but it helps the pain.
i have this excact same thing happen to me but im 28 weeks & ive had severe urinary trac infection & im very annimic but soemtimes it feels so bad like im in labor & theres time when i can be just standing or walkin and i get this clear discharge goin down my legs i have to go take shower i still havent fig out what it is yet ?

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