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I have a severe cold and a bad cough, will this cause me to lose baby

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I have been coughing like crazy, well I found out I was pregnant like 5 days ago and quit smoking cold turkey. And I am extremely stuffed up, but no fever. Is this harmful for my baby and I am only 6 weeks, will this cause a miscarriage? Please help I'm scared..

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nope dont worry! coughing wont hurt the baby and neither will the cold..if u have a fever deff contact ur doctor also if u get the flu..but if its just a cold dont worry u and th ebaby will be ok
You definitely want to get some meds to take care of it before it progresses into something else. Your breathing is how the baby gets oxygen, so if you can't breathe it affects the baby. I would talk to the dr and see what they say about what you can take to help you get some relief. It won't hurt you but it is completely miserable. Hope you feel better :)
Thank you so much, it is my husbands first and he is tickled pink and everytime I cough he goes into panic mode and that freaks me out. I was told that Sudafed is ok, so I am going to get some right now, again thank you
nope its fine i worried about this to when i was pregnant so i ask my docter and he said it was perfectly fine good luck!
As long as your taking safe meds, you'll be fine!
I know this is an old post but it relates to me. I gave a bad cough, it's making my abdominal sore, and I'm 5-6 weeks along. I'm so scared it's going to cause me to miscarry!
hi there,im 5-6weeks along too and having bad cough for a week and slight fever on and off. am scared of miscarriage as i had a miscarriage last year. have to wait atleast 2week more for doc appt. feeling so..... kept thinking daily.... ;(

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