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i have taken 2 ibuprofen, 2 weeks in2 pregnancy. will that harm baby

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I have a really bad tooth ache, and it is keeping me from eating so I took some ibuprofen. I am only a couple of weeks into my pregnancy, and I wanted to know if that would cause any harm

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Do not take  any more ibuprofen!!!! or aspirin or aleve. The only thing you can take is acetaminophen (tylenol). As far as if it would cause harm it was only two and very early on so probably not. I'm not sure if you can use orajel ask your obgyn but chew on some ice if you need instant relief. 
bellecc is right Tylenol is perfect and doesn't harm the babies, but don't take to much. If caffeine is bad for babies Ibuprofin is super worst.
According to the instructions on my bottle of ibuprofen, you should consult a doctor before taking ibuprofen if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. The instructions also specifically warn against taking it in the last trimester because of the possibility of birth complications or adverse effects on the fetus.

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