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i have twin 3 year old sons & im pregnangt again how do i tell them?

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this is my second time being pregnant and i have to three year old twin sons. they like their cousins know that their aunt is pregnant for the second time as well. im only one month pregnant by the way. i dont know how are when to tell them. could someone give me some advice!?

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Make it fun! I would probably wait till you are further along and maybe showing more. (Then you have evidence) After telling them get them involved. Maybe helping pick out names, working on the nursery, picking out blankets, clothes, or such. Have them color pictures of you pregnant.Make them feel this is about them too. They will have enough adjustments coming that hopefully the more prepared and a part of the new baby's life they feel the easier it might be when he/she arrives and they aren't the center of attention.

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