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I have two questions I need help on????!!

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Fist question: My son is about to be 13 months I'm not sure when I'm I suppose to take the bottle away??? Second question: When do i start potty training him??

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take the bottle away now. 12 months is the magic number to get rid of the bottle and paci. most kids are ready to potty train around 2-3 years old. for help with that, look under the potty training section of toddler's on this site. it will give you a list of readiness clues as to when a child is usually ready to start the dreadfull dead.
You can start transitioning from the bottle to a sippy cup now. 12 months is the recommended age to stop using bottles.Most kids are potty trained between 2 and 3 years of age. Some are ready earlier, some later. It just depends on the child. I've found it helps to start introducing the concept at around 18 months. We gave our kids potty chairs at about 18 months and had them come with us to the bathroom to "use" their pottys every time we went. We took a slower approach to potty training so to make sure that our kids were ready and could adjust to the different steps involved.
Normally, the best age to take the bottle away is 11-12 months I suggest just throwing the bottles away and giving him sippy cups,It's so much easier. Kids usually get potty trained between 2-3 years old, but you can buy a potty and leave it out so he can go to it when he's ready.
I have twin boys and I tooked them off the bottle around 13 months. I introduced the different types of sippy cups to do that. Once they realized that the drinks from their bottles were in the cups, it became easy. Throw out the bottles except one while you're making the transition but keep it out of sight. I started potty training at 2 years old. It took almost a whole year but I introduced them to it while letting them wear underwear. Keep a mop handy (LOL). Then I gave them a break but kept re-introducing the potty. I made up potty songs like, "I did it, I did it, I pee-pee in the toilet". They got a kick out of it. Once the connection was made with watching dad go potty and their sensation to pee was in sync, they've been successful in going to the bathroom. They were about 2 months shy of turning 3 before they were completely potty trained.

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