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I have a very awkward question, but I really need advice!!

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My boyfriend has a job, so when he gets out of school he goes to work, I have not have sex in a while and I really want to. I have been using hot dogs, I put Vaseline on it(it's been cooked),and go to town. I have heard that it could cause an infection, is that true? I also was wondering if it could cause an air embolism? If it could do you have any tips of something else I could do, I really like the feeling of vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

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A hot dog will not cause an air embolism. In order for that to happen the object has to be hard and/or sharp enough to cause a cut or tear. However, you should not be using foreign objects that are not made from silicone. Anything else is going to be quite unsanitary and could definitely cause an infection. You should get an adult toy to help satisfy your needs.
I would suggest not doing that, hot dogs are food, and your vagina is not your mouth.
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