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i have a virus can i still breastfeed my baby

6 answers
is it ok to breastfeed when you have a flu/virus

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if youhave any concerns i would call the pediatrician and ask them. just to be on the safe side. personally i wouldnt breast feed. from you being sick and the meds you are taking to get better, they could end up in the breast milk. i recommend pumping your milk as usual and pour it out. supplement with formula until you are your dr just to be on the safe side
It completely depends on whether or not you are taking any medication. If you aren't, then it is best to continue to breastfeed because you pass along your antibodies to your baby, which greatly lessens the chance that they will end up sick with the same virus. If you simply want to take medication to lessen your symptoms, be sure to consult your pediatrician prior to breastfeeding.  Passing along your antibodies to your illness is one of the best benefits of breastfeeding and you can safeguard your baby not just from yourself, but to others that they encounter with the same thing.
Great answer from MomEaster. You should not stop breastfeeding just due to a virus. Your body is learning to fight the virus much faster than your baby's body can, and the antibodies that you're developing pass to your baby in breastmilk. So, like she says, your baby is much less likely to get sick that way. If you do need to take some medicine to help with your symptoms, ask your doctor or your baby's pediatrician to recommend some that are safe for the baby while you're breastfeeding, or try "The Doctor's Book of Home Remedies" free online at for great natural remedies.
If you haven't seen your doctor yet. I'd suggest you do. You can still breastfeed even when sick. If you are unsure then talk to your doctor. As for over the counter meds, follow the same guidelines as you would when you were pregnant, talk to the pharmacist. They are very knowledgable. If you do go to your doctor make sure you tell them that you are breastfeeding, there are alot of meds that are safe to take.

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