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I haven't gotten my period yet, 6 months postpartum. am i pregnant?

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I had my son 6 months ago, and have yet to have my period return. I considered it might be due to my son still nursing every night, however since I am not nursing him during the majority of the day, I would have figured that my hormone levels would have returned to normal and I would have begun to menstrate again. About 2 weeks ago I had expected to get it again, but it turned out to only be some minor spotting and not a full period. The past few days I have been feeling very naseous, and have even vomited on occasion, my appetite has nearly vanished, and the smell of some foods have been making it worse. I remembered these symptoms as being some of the ones I experienced when I found out I was pregnant with my son, but 2 weeks ago when I experienced the spotting I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. So, my question is, can I still be pregnant, even though I have not had my period return and I have gotten 3 negative results on at home tests? Please help!

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I would say no. I didn't get a full period for 1 month after I completely stopped breastfeeding. I had gone down to once a day or less breastfeeding and still didn't get it. If your test say no..I would assume you aren't pregnant.But if you were me and like to be safe I would wait a few weeks and double check.
Or you can also talk to your doc.  Sometimes their tests are a little more accurate, and they can do a check to make sure nothing else is going on.  My understanding is as long as your nursing your not supposed to at all.  But unfortunatly i was unable to nurse so I have no experiance on that....  Good luck
As others have said, probably not, but wait and test again or get a blood test from your dr.  I'm 15 mos post-partum, still nursing, and still haven't gotten a period yet (which has been super nice).  My sister is 18 mos post-partum, still nursing a couple times/day and has had a few periods, irregular.  I've read other mom's blogs and some (despite nursing) get it back within a few mos, while others are longer.  It varies a lot.  Either way, if you're concerned about it, get it checked out, so you can end your worry!  Good luck!
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