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I just found out that I am expecting my second child.

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I have a 3 yr old daughter whom is the light of my life, I know that she deserves a sibling but my husband and I are on the rocks. I am so afaird to be alone caring for two young children. I need some advise. Please help.

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First congrats on the baby! Many of my friends have a hard time getting PG, so I decided I am lucky and blessed to have two.  Marriage is hard work in itself, let alone with children, finances, etc.  Everyone has issues and you have to decide if they are just small issues you can work on for yourselves and your children, or they are major issues you cannot live with or move past.  If you decide to end it, you can at least be thankful he gave you the two best gifts in your life and although it will be difficult to raise children alone - it will be very rewarding for you and your daughter will be thankful for having a sibling. The main goal is to try to be on civil terms so your children can have their father in their life. I know many women who use their children against their former spouse, out of spite, and it is not healthy for anyone. Another sacrafice we make as women, grin and bear it for now. Children appreciate and benefit from having both parents in their life, whether they are together or not.  Good luck!

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