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I just had a baby and have been having sex but my bf pulls out

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So I just had a baby a month ago but my boyfriend and I have started to have sex. We haven't been using a condom but he has been pulling out. Can I still get pregnant even though he's not going in me? I have been light headed eating more then I was and my boobs are slightly sore even though I'm dried up. I just want to know if I could be pregnant and if I need to by a test.

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Unless you are already pregnant or have been through menopause, it is always possible to get pregnant. Chances are the symptoms you are experiencing are normal hormonal fluctuations that occur after you give birth. It often takes a few months, or more, for your hormones to get back to their normal cycle. Take a pregnancy test just in case, and if it's negative, take another in about a week. In the meantime, use protection when having sex. Also, it's comfortable to have sex this soon after giving birth? You're lucky. But seriously, use protection. Having kids close in age is great, but two in one year is very difficult.

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