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I know I ask this question alot,Sorry but I gotta ask again....

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I need some classy,elegant,different baby names for girls

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Names I considered for my girls: Charlotte, Ava, Nora, Rosalie, Katherine, Avery, Lucy, Zoe, Olivia.We ended up choosing Audrey and Vivienne. They're both traditional, sophisticated names that aren't very common. Charlotte and Rosalie were my favorites, but my husband didn't like them.
Olivia, Elise, Ashlyn, Madeline, Elena, Amaya, Jenna, Julianna, Julia, Janessa, Ivy, Ava, Gracie. Just a few that are cute. :)
I really like charlotte to.  My husband said that I can pick the girls name this time because he picked caitlyns name, What do you think about charlotte eloise?????
I like it. Eloise is Vivienne's middle name. It's in honor of her great-great-grandmother, who would have been 100 the day Vivienne was born.
ella grace, victoria, scarlett, hazel. my girls are paisley elizabeth and anabelle rose
autumn, emma, addalyn, edie, lorelei, lily ann, leila, piper, penny. i really wanted to name my second daughter piper or leila, but my husband absolutely refused. i loved penny, but when he told me that he used to know a stripper named penny, that name went out the window as well. he wanted to name her abigail, but i told him i would be very irritated with constantly correcting people for calling her abby, so when i mentioned anabelle, we were finally able to agree.

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