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I know it's possible, but how likely is it that I'm pregnant?

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My menstrual cycle is somewhat irregular. However, most of the time, it comes way earlier rather than later. I expected it to arrive on last Saturday, Sunday, or today. However, it hasn't arrived yet. On December 29th, January 2nd and 4th, my boyfriend and I had sex where the condom broke. He did not ejaculate, but pre-ejaculated (which is almost next to nothing). The first time, I took Plan B the next morning. The next two, I didn't (however, he urinated before we had sex which probably drastically decreased the amount of sperm in the urethra which could've been left behind). In any case, I had many PMS symptoms last week (cramping, moodiness, sore/swollen breasts, lower back-aches) which I know can be mistaken as pregnancy symptoms too. They went away for a little while, but started up again last Saturday. Although a pregnancy is not devastating news, I am NOT ready for one at the moment. So I have been stressing drastically since January 3rd (I've had dreams EVERY NIGHT where I would have a positive pregnancy test in my hands, telling my boyfriend the news). I know this can attribute to a late period, but the Plan B can also be a factor. What day is the best time to take a pregnancy test? What do you think are the chances (offer me some odds, please) of pregnancy? Please offer some suggestions on good pregnancy tests, how much they cost, or even how many tests I should take to confirm my results. Thank you so much for any tips or input! And as well, suggestions on what I should do if I suspect that I may be pregnant (prenatal vitamins, etc.).

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Sounds like you need a different brand of condoms!I only took one test both times. I did take test when I was not pregnant and thought i might be. Those times I took only one also. I would take a test because that will be your only way to know. Maybe look up on the plan b site and see what they say to expect with your period. I had a friend tell me she thought she was pregnant. I asked if she took a test. She said yeah 10 and they were all positive. I informed her she did not need to think she was pregnant because she was! Depends on the test you get what the price will be. They are around $10-$20. You can go with a cheaper test they will all tell you that you are pregnant or not. The work basically the same.  I went with a lower range brand I had heard of. Did not feel the need to a digital one, you throw it out when you are done. I would buy 2 just in case you mess up with the first. They sell them in 2 packs also.If you want you can pick up some prenatals when you are out. Every women of child baring age should take a multi with a lot of folic acid. So even if you get them it will help, folic acid is most vital the first 6 weeks.
If you think you are pregnant you should take a home pregnancy test right away. If you get a positive result you only need to take one test. If you get a negative result and still don't get your period you can test again in a few days. The best time to test is first thing in the morning. And brand of test will work, you don't need fancy expensive ones, they aren't more reliable. If you are pregnant you need to see your doctor as soon as possible. He or she can answer any questions you may have.
It's only been 2 weeks since you had the unprotected sex. I doubt you would be showing symptoms already. Take a home test but being it is so early you might get a false negative. If you are not ready for a child and you end up being not pregnant invest in some decent condoms :P in 13 years of sex I have had a condom break ONCE and took the morning after pill (which did not screw up my period or anything) the more you stress also it can affect your period. if you really need to know you can go see a doctor for a blood test which will be more accurate than a urine test :)

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