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I know it's soon, and I shouldn't be thinking about this but I am.

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Alex and I have already picked out some names that we like and we already have the girls name picked out, so I was just wondering if you could think of some middle names to go with the boy name we like because I can't. I think we are set on Drew as a middle name for a boy, but I cannot for the life of me think of a way to put Drew in the name without it sounding weird..I like Preston, and Nicholas too, and Nicholas goes good with Alex's last name. So what I was thinking is either Nicholas Drew Barron, Or Drew something.. But the girl name is Victoria Lillian Barron. What are your opinions on all this? I really like our girl name it's unique and very pretty (I think). But I just can't decide on a boy name..... I know I have plenty of time to make this decision but it doesn't hurt to start now.

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I like Victoria Lillian. I think it's a beautiful, traditional name that isn't too common. And, I love that you're spelling it the normal way. That will make things much easier on your child.As far as boy names go, they are very hard. Figuring out a boy name was much harder for us than our girls' names. At this point, the best thing to do is makes a list of all the names you like. Don't get set on one name yet, just experiment with different combinations. You'll figure out the right one eventually.
Well, the biggest problem I have is Drew is a short name and it's hard to find middle names to go with it, so we gotta make it a middle name..But I can't find the perfect name to go with it.. I like Gabriel too, but I don't know yet..
I have friends who named their first son Drew. It works with a longer middle name. Having a middle name that's just one syllable is hard, it usually never sounds right. Just keep thinking about it. You've got plenty of time to figure it out.Also, since you already have a girl's name picked, but are having a hard time with a boy's name, don't be surprised if you end up having a girl. That's how it was for me. With my first, we immediately agreed on Audrey for a girl, but could never figure out a boy's name. We had a girl. With our second, I knew I loved Harrison, but could never get myself to like a girl's name. We had a boy. With our third, we knew based on my symptoms that we were having another girl, so we didn't need to think about boy's names.
I don't know, it's possible.. Alex wants a baby girl, I think I want a boy but I would be happy either way..

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