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I know this might sound stupid but...

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My boyfriend is excited we are having a baby but the only times i get him to aknowledge we are having a baby and get him to talk to the baby he yells in my stomach nothing mean but im scared the volume that he yells at our baby might have a negative impact on her. Am i silly for thinking like this or do i have a legitamit fear of my baby going deaf?

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The baby will not go deaf. There is plenty of insulation protecting your baby from your yelling boyrfiend. However, I would ask him not to yell because tone of voice is very important to babies since they cannot yet understand WHAT you are saying only HOW you are saying it. My boyfriend talked calmly and softly to the baby when I was pregnant, and now as a 3 month old she is soothed by her daddy's voice. You wouldn't yell at an infant. Why yell at a fetus?
i agree there is probably no harm at him yelling at your stomach because of all the fluid, tissue, muscle surrounding the baby but you gotta ask what his thinking is...maybe he just doesn't know? 
My guess here is that he thinks that is the only way the baby can hear him because of all the stuff in between ... just sit him down and tell him your doctor says that at this point the baby can hear normal talking voices
yea tell him he doesnt have to yell at the baby. It might shock the baby when their born....
It won't hurt your baby but depending on how far along you are, your baby can hear the voices around and he should talk like he talks to anyone else. He doesn't need to scream to have the baby hear him.

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