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I know what your thinking, oceana stop asking questions but I got one

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Okay I got one more question then I should be done I was wondering how normal it is to have weird dreams. I had a dream and I was in this weird world and out of no where and I seen plankton off of spongebob and he had caitlyn. I was like screaming ''someone help, plankton got my baby someone help her'' but nobody was listening. Then samuel (husband) woke me up and was like''whats wrong hunny and want the heck is a plankton'' and I was like ''he got caitlyn'' and hes like ''caitlyns in her bed plankton doesn't have her are you going crazy or something'' and I was just wanting to know if its normal to have dreams like that.

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ya very normal my mom did the same thing. its a sign that when caitlyn is older your gonna be a very over protective mother.
oceana brooks.. ask as many as you want i do lol... thats what this place is for and i had a dream once that the joker from the dark night was testing me as a mom i was holding bentley and he was stabbing me in my hand! crazy its normal
Don't feel bad about asking questions!And yes, weird dreams are completely normal. I've been having nothing but vivid, strange dreams since I got pregnant but I have them even when I'm not pregnant. From a psychological standpoint, our dreams are our mind's way of working out our problems. I know you've been going through some stressful stuff so it's totally normal that you'd be having crazy dreams.

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