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i love the name araya my husband loves the name miyalina

4 answers
i really love the name araya esme my husband loves the name miyalina kori uh-ray-uh es-may my-uh-li-nah ko-ree how do we pick a name

answers (4)

Araya is beautiful
i know the names are not very common but i think they are pretty
who cares what other people think?!? it's your baby. name her whatever you want.
if you have the time, let them simmer.  not talking about it for a while can help (we ended up naming our 3rd a name that was never on the list, but after a while of non-commital consideration, it grew on us).  and maybe you can even combine them.  kori araya.  or koraya.  or miyalaya or who knows what you could come up with.  if you can, figure out what about the names you like, that might help you create something you both enjoy:)

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