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I m 27 weeks pregnant n for the last month my baby is transverse. help

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the baby has been in the transverse lie shoulder position since da last whole month.. does that mean that i will have a c-section birth? do baby's have any other type of complication when they come via c-section. r c-sections really as bad n painful as people say? help me plz

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Your baby still has plenty of time to change position, so don't worry. My baby girl, who was just born yesterday, was in a transverse position for a while but she turned herself around and was head down by about 36 weeks. Babies are very active and change position frequently.There are always risks associated with any type of surgical procedure, but if a c-section is necessary it's best for both you and your baby. Recovery can be difficult but as long as you follow your doctor's instructions it shouldn't be too painful.
Babies move all the time. There is no reason to worry at this point. Your doctor may suggest somethings to try to get her to move but at 27 weeks there is still plenty of time. C-sections are surgery and there is always risk with that. There is risk with normal labor also. It all depends on what is best for you and your child.
thank u both....@Vforventure: congrated on ur baby girl.. i wish her success n happiness forever.@Sjvanderwev: Hope the baby does turn. it has been in da same position for the whole month now. :(
I had a simiar situation when I was 26 weeks my baby was transverse and I freaked out! But I learned that babies move around all the time and at that point in my pregnancy it wasn't a big deal. But I was still worried lol I found a website called and they have easy techniques for helping move baby into head down poistion. I tried it and it worked for me...I'm 32 weeks now and my baby is head down and still doing great :) I still do the inversion technique now just because it feels good and helps take pressure off of my back. Good luck, I hope this helps!

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