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I may be prego and my mom is Physically,Emotionally abusing! wat 2 do?

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Im 16 and my mom knows I may be prego but doesn't believe me, she Mentally, Physically and Emotionally abuses me, she has hurt me physically only 2 times i told the cops but they didn't do anything so my only other option what me and my boyfriend is talking about is getting Emancipated and go live with him, his family loves me and trys to help me, but now my mum is trying to keep me from them, i need to get out of this house and the only way is to get Emancipated, so im asking can i get emancipated and go live with him, they said they can help me and my boyfriend has a job he goes to with his bro after skl, they are more then willing to support me, i cant live with my mum anymore, is there a chance i can get emancipated, if so how long will it take and what do i have to do?? PLZ i need answers.

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Hello, I think you should give her a mental hospital on | |

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