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i like the name rosie for a girl and cole for a boy what do you think?

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i need middle names 2

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I love those names! for suggestions of middle names....would it be just Rosie? Or Rosalyn, Roseanne, Rosanna,Rose?Rosie Anne   Rosie Lynne  Rosie JayneCole Thomas  Cole William   Cole Patrick
name your kid whatever you want. there is a baby name search on this site. check it out.
i like rosie and rosaliah rosa-leah is how its pronounced
Rosaliah is beautiful! I really like Cole too. They are different but not too different. Good choices. Because they are both a bit different I would go with a slightly different middle name too.Rosaliah AlannaRosaliah MadisonRosaliah PaytonCole RyanCole RileyCole  GabrielI do like the past suggestion of Rosaliah Lynne tho, thats really pretty. My middle name is Lynn w/o the e and I am passing it on to my daughter. 
I like them both, but ultimately it's your decision.  We never tell the baby's name until he is born (we are pg with our fifth).  That way there are no unsolicited comments or "advice."  If you like those names - go for it! :)

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