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I need advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have a little stool in my living room its and caitlyn uses it to climb on our coffee table. I don't know what to do caitlyn won't stop climbing on the table. Every single time I go out of the room she climbs on the table and falls. I keep telling her thats bad but she just keeps doing it. I know shes a baby and she doesn't understand but I don't want her to keep climbing on the table. Yesterday I went to the laundry room she was sitting on the couch watching olivia (little pig show) and I went in there and right as I came in she fell off the table. I instantly felt guilty and cried with her but I don't know how to make her stop and she just waddles over there steps on the stool and pulls up. Plus it doesn't help that we got a short coffee table.

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My daughter became a climber around the same age. There's really nothing you can do to stop it. She would just climb up onto the coffee table and she'd sit up there. She never really fell off so we weren't too concerned. It only became an issue once she started standing and walking on it. She is old enough to being understanding the meaning behind your words, I'm sure she knows she shouldn't be up there. But, little ones love to start testing boundaries! If she isn't getting hurt I wouldn't worry too much. She'll either learn to stop getting up there because she falls or she'll learn to be more careful. Little kids are crazy and once they start getting independent they're going to do what they want to do. The only thing you can really do is to remove the coffee table from the living room so she can't climb on it. She already understands that she can use other objects to help her get up so even if you take the stool away she'll try to use other things.
Yeah I take the stool and hide it under the couch and put it up she either finds it or gets a toy. I just don't want her to fall because shes fell a few times and one of those times she fell on her head and I took her to the emergency room. She was ok but still she is gonna really get hurt one of these times I think taking the coffee table out would help but I have no where to put it.
dont feel to bad when my son was 2- 3 months i think, I sat him on the couch. He couldnt sit up or roll over! I went to his bedroom to get his hat and When I walked around the cornor i saw him!(he tried to sit up fell over and was about to fall) I ran as fast as i could and wasnt fast enough I FREAKED! CRIED! PANIC ATTACK He was so little!(hes 8 months right now and weights 16lbs.  He fell right on the top of his head! he cired! Sigh I took him to the chiropractor right away and called his dr, Maybe just for a little while you can take the coffee table out I have one and my son last night pulled up on it Im thinking of taking it out just cause our table has sharp edges and is metal so it worries me. But kids will be kids they are going to fall try not to overeact, you cry they cry worse they know when your upset. I hope she was ok
Thank you, shes fine other then a having a little bruise. I can't believe shes standing up and taking a step shes too little I don't want her to get big I just want her to be my baby forever. But the table situation is fixed I told my husband about her falling and he and the table got into a serious fight lol he won. So I no longer have a coffee table but that table deserved that it messed with the wrong little girl lol.
haha im getting the cornor and  edge covers tomorrow =)

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