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i need advice ,please .

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well i removed my IUD on 12/03/12 i was spotting from 12/01/12 to 12/05/12 then stopped on the 12/07/12 or 12/08/12 i had my period for five days ended on 12/13/12 or 12/14/12 (completely spaced out on these day, sorry) then for the next two weeks i had unprotected sex for three days through those two weeks . after that i started feeling off :sore breast, nausea,urinating alot,craving food i normally wont eat,head aches,dizzy spells, and lower back and abdominal pain. On 01/02/13 i went to clinic and had a test done it was negative(my guest its too early) now its the 01/08/13 and still no period so im either one or two days late now . i took test this morning it was negative ,any advice would help . should i wait till the 13 or 14th to test again??

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Test again in a few days. It's possible that you are pregnant, but it is also possible that your cycle simply isn't on it's normal schedule If you had a hormonal IUD, like Mirena.
okay thank you , yes i believe my cycle is weird but i never got it in the begining i got it in the middle of the month like the 26th or towards the end .
That sounds normal. The change in hormones won't necessarily mean you get your period immediately. Just be patient especially if you had your IUD in for a long time.
i had it in for three months then removed it cause of adominal pain but there was no infections . the adominal pain is still current like cramping it comes and goes 
Even three months can be long enough for it to have a semi-long term effect on your hormones and your cycle. Give your period some time to get back to normal, and if the pain persists, see your doctor.
Also try to test in the morning when your levels are higher.
i went to the clinic today and the test still shows negative, either im siking myself out or its to early . do you think i should go to hospital so they can do a ultrasound? do you think it will show on the screen?
If you're getting negative test results it would be too early for an ultrasound to show anything. Just be patient. your period is only a couple of days late at this point. Wait a few more days and make sure you test in the morning. Also, know that the length of time between cycles may not be regular at this point. After breast feeding last year my cycles were 35 days, then 28, then almost 35 again (When I got pregnant because I didn't realize they weren't regular yet). So any changes in your hormones can cause fluctuations. 
well i just came back from the doctor and had blood work done, it came back negative as well as my urine test, again . my guess is that i may not be pregnant but i would like to know if there is still a possiblility?
blood tests are a lot more sensitive than regular pregnancy tests. they can detect a much lower level of hcg (pregnancy hormone). If the blood test was negative, you are not pregnant.


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