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Hey everyone, so last Wednesday on August 14 me and my partner had a little accident. He didn't fully cum yet but there was precum that got down there. And Sunday morning I got what I thought was my period. It was bright red and pretty heavy but it went away two days later. So like on Tuesday. My period usually lasts for about 4 to 5 days. So I thought it was weird. And yesterday I started spotting brown. Not dark red but legit brown. Never has that happened to me before so I'm kind of confused. I sort of thought it could be implantation bleeding but I'm not sure. What do you guys think? Would it be too early to take a home pregnancy test? Since its only been 1 week and 4 days since the accident.

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You can take a pregnancy test now. If it comes up negative you can take another one in about a week.i've gotten positive test results as early as 10 days after conception.
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